Mobile Seat Raiser Coming Soon

Mobile Seat Raiser

Our seat raiser / riser allows people with sitting and standing difficulties to regain the freedom to move outside their home. The raiser is easily transported and is quick to set up.

People find the seat raiser allows them to regain their freedom, lost because of difficulties sitting and standing.


The Mobile Seat Raiser was developed out of a process of technical innovation.

This innovation has lead to a unique solution to a common problem.


Quality has been at the heart of the design from the start.

Early in our design process we identified the importance of product quality, something which remains dear to us. 

Ever product is assembled in Cheshire as part of our commitment to ensure this quality is maintained.

Product Testing

In order to successfully bring Innovation and Quality, we have carried out extensive testing.

This has comprised gaining feedback from users in order to highlight improvements.

In addition the product has gone through extensive testing.

We create mobile seat raiser products, designed to keep you mobile.

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