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Mobile Seat Raiser - Out and About

Visiting Friends & Family

The seat raiser is ideal when visiting friends and family.

Set up the mobile seat raiser on the patio when visiting family for the summer or set if up at the table for Sunday lunch.

The mobile seat raiser gives you back you freedom.

Visiting the Park

Watching the grandchildren play in the park, can often be overshadowed by difficulties in sitting comfortably on the bench.

Taking the seat raiser with you can become a game changer.

Have you thought about using the seat raiser to allow you to visit your favourite old haunts?

Out at your favourite club

When was the last time you visited your favourite club?

The mobile seat raiser can help you spend time in places you thought you might never be able to spend time again.

Around your home

Do you find you no longer use certain rooms?

Have you stopped using your conservatory? What about sitting in your garden?

The seat raiser can give you easy access to these areas.

Where can I buy?

Our first products are coming soon. Watch this site or our socials for updates.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

We create mobile seat raiser products, designed to keep you mobile.

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